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About me. . .

Born in Washington Heights, NY

Living in Middletown, NY


Hello, my name is Michelle Tilman owner of MT MEDIA. I am a filmmaker & photographer. Seeing how the world is when it comes to being around Family, friends, and people of the unknown, I have used photography to help me capture wonderful moments people didn't expected to capture. I started at a very young age when my interest was taking videos & photos from a cell phone. Later on, throughout the years I upgraded to a DSLR Canon camera.

Professionally I'd like to team up with other film-makers to make it big on screen. As my back up plan, I would like to work with a big film company and improve my skills in learning everything behind the camera. Otherwise, I would like to build a small business in photography with a full functioning studio.



All images belong to Michelle Tilman of MT MEDIA

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All images belong to Michelle Tilman of MT MEDIA