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Big or small business, I support them all. So please go ahead & click on their logo. You won't be disappointed by their products and what I shot for them.

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I am a filmmaker & photographer. Seeing how the world is when it comes to being around family, friends, and people of the unknown, I have used photography to help me capture wonderful moments people didn't expect to capture. I started at a very young age when my interest was taking videos & photos from a cell phone. Later on, I upgraded to a DSLR Canon camera. & now from the year 2020, I have moved to the Sony camera. Still a lover of the Canon brand.

I am a NY-based photographer (eager to travel) who loves to shoot moments caught in real-time. I tend to have a more fun candid approach to my photos. Your comfort is the most important thing to me because this way I can capture the real YOU. Always focused on people and watching how they interact... capturing the best of and most surprising moments.


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